The Sea Opportunities: innovative startup submerged in the water

The Company, thanks for twenty years of underwater exploration experience by the Founder,
is capable to supply R & D, Production and Sale of new Underwater Technologies, Robotics, Sensors and dedicated Software,
with the best value for money, powered by Renewable Energy Sources, intended to be used mainly in the underwater industry.

With the aim of making the oceans better for the future.


Mechanical Engineer

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, for over 18 years as a mechanical designer and passionate about robotics, he is involved in the design and implementation of high-performance and innovative underwater robotics. Always ready to face new technological challenges.

Marine Research

Degree in Natural Science, she occupy in research & study on the marine environment with more 10 years of experience, deeping researches in the Adriatic sea. As Scientific disseminator, she develop and realize project and lab for student about Adriatic Sea and its inhabitant.

Electronics & telecommunication consultant

Optimization and job management are his best qualities, plus twenty years of experience in information technology world. Enthusiast of technology on 360° with great abilities in R&D; he finds always the best solution for problem solving.

Curator & warehouse worker

Unique in precision and methodology, manages and organizes the warehouse, cataloging through dedicated software, every single component of underwater robotics, created by The Sea Opportunities. Thanks to its peculiar propensity for attention to details, he controls and manages the underwater video footage produced by ROV Opportunity.

CEO & Founder

Maritime archaeologist, he has gained twenty years of experience in underwater industry working by means of new technologies. Starting from the new generations, he is constantly looking, mainly in Italy, for new talents and human resources, including the differently abled, to be involved in what will be the most important element to be safeguarded in the coming years…

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